My Dirty Little Mind

I've got a dirty, dirty mind. I can't look at my gorgeous wife without undressing her with my eyes and making love to her. Or just flat-out fucking her. So this is erotic stories of us...and other random things

Going in for the kill…
She surprised me with this text picture…I love sucking on that labia!
My wife’s flower…

I am drunk as shit. I hope my wife takes advantage of me to tonight. Oh and thank god for autocorrect! Time to put a porno on a d get busy!

I keep rubbing my wife’s butt because of her sciatica pain and it’s making me horny. I just want to tear her pants off and eat her ass.

I got crazy horny the other night while my wife was out running errands and started thinking about eating pussy. I found a pair of her panties that she had worn the day before and oh my did they smell awesome. I laid on the bed with her panties strapped across my face and rubbed my cock for about 15 minutes or so, just taking in that awesome scent. I decided to masturbate and take a video of it on my iPhone with the intent of sending it to her while she was out; it was a good video and it ended with me blowing my load into her panties. But I was lame and decided not to send it because I have never done that before, lol. Maybe next time…


Labia Pasta

My 5 year old:

Dad, mom wants to know what you want for dinner.


Tell her I want some labia

My 5 year old:

Ok (and he walks back to the kitchen)

The other half of the conversation as my wife described it...

My 5 year old:

Mom, dad says he wants labia for dinner.

My wife:


My 5 year old:

What is labia? Do you have enough for everyone at the Christmas party?

My wife:

(more laughter) Ummm, it's a type of pasta and I don't have enough for the Christmas party

My 5 year old:

(pulls out a magic bean toy) I could put my Magic Bean in the labia to make more, maybe...

…not to mention incredibly tasty

…not to mention incredibly tasty

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Slip of the Tongue

I woke up this morning and looked over. She had fallen asleep on her stomach with one leg under the covers and one leg out, and she’d taken her pants off at some point in the night, which is rare. Normally she sleeps with pajama pants on. So I definitely saw an opportunity here I couldn’t miss. Already my cock was getting hard just thinking about the taste of her sweet pussy and ass. I gently started running the palm of my hand up and down on the one exposed ass cheek; so soft and warm. Just rubbing her butt was making me throb like you wouldn’t believe.

I started rubbing closer and closer to her ass crack, gently dipping a finger or two down into the crack as I rubbed up and down her butt cheek from the small of her back to the top of her thigh. Occasionally I would run the tip of a finger right over her anus and immediately bring my finger to my nose to smell that sweet smell. It’s incredibly hard to describe, but I love the smell of a woman…the smell of her vagina, the smell of her ass, the smell her groin emanates after being fucked hard for an hour. It’s just an amazingly powerful smell.

So I continued to rub for about 10 minutes, and judging from the way she was starting to move her ass closer to me I could tell that she wanted me to continue. As my finger would rub right across her anus, she would push her butt towards me so that my finger had a little penetration. That was a serious cue if I ever saw one, so I gently pulled the covers down from her other leg and slid down towards the bottom of the bed so that my face was even with her ass. I kept going with my hands, now rubbing both ass cheeks and gently pulling them apart with each up and down motion. I could see her sweet little hole just gazing at me every time I pulled her cheeks apart, almost begging for me to devour it with my tongue.

She gently adjusted her right leg so that it was at an angle, exposing her anus a bit more fully and giving a great view of her labia. Her other foot was tucked under me and she was gently rubbing her foot against my cock. I gently pulled her ass cheeks apart and dove in with my tongue, first with just the tip, gently caressing the hole with small, tiny circular motions. Eventually I would move from the hole, down towards her pussy and back up again. At this point, she was arching her back a bit and sticking her ass up in the air so I could get a better full motion. I started using the full tongue, going slowly at first from her pussy to her anus, where I would stop and give some extra attention. She was really softening up at this point, and she was fucking wet. Her anus was gobbling up my tongue every time I passed over it. She reached around and grabbed my right hand and sort of pushed it down her leg. This is usually a sign that she wants me to start masturbating, which I was all too eager to do as well.

After about 5 minutes of feasting on her ass and stroking my cock, I was ready to take things to the next level. I rolled over on my back and told her to face fuck me. She mounted my head and started rocking back and forth, burying my tongue deep into her ass. I was still stroking my cock, so she leaned forward a bit and started playing with my balls and licking the tip of my cock. She was playing with the head of my penis, teasing me to unleash my load. She leaned back so that she was sitting straight up on my face and she started to rub her pussy, slowly at first and then more furiously. I could feel the gyration of stroking on my chin, as she kept rocking back and forth on my face just ever so slightly. I was really pulling on my dick at this point, aching to just cum all over. About 95% of the time, we can have our orgasms at the same moment, and I could feel from the way she was rocking back and forth and moaning that she was really close. I was about to cum, and I grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed with one hand, while continuing to stroke vigorously with the other. I felt her anus tighten up around my tongue as all her muscles responded to her orgasm, and I let go of the base of my shaft and exploded with my cum all over my stomach. She leaned over and put the tip of my cock in her mouth and started toying with it, then looked back over her should at my face, still buried under her wonderful ass and asked me if I was ready for breakfast. 

What a wonderful way to start the day!